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Was an effected lymph node or nodes always found before mets was diagnosed?

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I was wondering if an effected lymph node was discovered before a metastasis was diagnosed in anyone's experience with RCC? I do remember seeing one post where it was mentioned "the doctors at Dana Farber were puzzled" as there was no sign of impacted lymph nodes.

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Like most here, I'm just an interested party trying to pick up information as I go along, with no special knowledge. As far as I've gathered, there are three ways that metastasis occurs - by direct encroachment of a tumour into adjacent tissues, by transport of cancer cells in the bloodstream or in the lymphatic circulation system. If that's correct, mets. can occur without any involvement of lymph nodes.

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During my initial surgery (radical nephrectomy) lymph nodes were sampled with no disease present. I'm on my second recurrance now and again, no lymph system involvement.

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I had at least one lymph node involved at time of surgery. 2 or 3 more were tested and and found to be clean. 8 months later, not so good.

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