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Ampllary to Liver

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In May of 2011 doctors found a tumor on the neck of my bile duct. In June I went through a Whipple procedure that removed the neck of my Pancreas, 1/3 of my stomach and my gall bladder. After the procedure I was on Gemzar for 6 months and then had a CAT scan, MRI and biopsy. The cancer is now in my liver. The tests showed 6 tiny spots on my liver. I am going down to Slone Kettering for an evaluation. I feel I have made a contribution to medical science in that Gemzar does not work on Ampullary Cancer. I wasted 6 months on a drug that in the end was worthless. My appointment with Slone is March 2nd. All my live functions are normal at this time. I will update this message after the meeting with Slone.

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My mom had a similar situation.  Tumor in the bile conduct was removed through a whipple procedure.   One year later, dr. found nodules in the liver.   I am wondering how are you managing.

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