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Surgery update

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Carls surgery went well he is still in ICU however. his bp has been all over the place today from super low (in the 70s) to high 130s, vomiting and even passed out at one point. Seems more stable tonight though so I suspect he will be on the main floor tomorrow. They said the tumor in his liver was the size of a grapefruit! But that it was only the one now we wait for path reports. That seems huge for nothing being there on the October scans and sounds bigger than it looked just when they found it a month ago. Definitely glad it is gone. Pain seems under better control tonight than it has been. Having a heck of a time with his belly and right shoulder.

Those that have had liver surgery how long before you knew if your liver was regenerating? Sounds like it is a wait and see game.

I will be heading back to MT in the morning probably and then come back when they are ready to release him. Very hard to do as I have never left him before in the hospital. But the kids need me too so going home to be with them, work a few days. They say approx 10 days is to be expected.


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Oh, dear. He's had a rough time. I'm sorry you have to leave him. I know that must worry you.


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I know it must be hard to leave him. I see good news in there that there was only one tumor even though it was a biggie. Hoping you get good news on the pathology reports.

Sending light and love your way.

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Your hubby is in good hands, but sorry his BP got a little erratic. Try to get some rest yourself.
I had pain in the right shoulder, too. Not sure what that came from. Maybe it was in the same position for a long time. Or, i know that I really used my arms (as opposed to the abdominal muscles) to move around. Maybe that did it.
They look at the blood work to see how the liver is doing. I know my Phosphorus level was "critically" low, but they said that was a sign the liver was regenerating.....then they gave phosphorus in the IV.
Will you let us know what the pathology report says? That was quite a large tumor. Curious if it was something else other than CRC.
Just glad that it's over and done with. Take care.

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The important thing is it is out. The nurses will take good care of him. Now get some well deserved sleep and a good meal and give Carl our best.

Take care - Tina

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Hope he continues well on his road to recovery. He will be well taken care of in hospital while you tend to the children who need you now. Good luck to you all.


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My wife's recovery was complicated by an infection, which took weeks to clear up. But her liver recovered fine.

Take care of yourself. Caregivers need to recharge also.


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Yes, make sure you take care of yourself too, okay?

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Well we are still in icu. Everything was going great when I left early yesterday morning about 5:30 to try and beat pending storm. He was watching news, brushed his teeth feeling a bit more human.... I made it to Casper checked in on him by calling in -until this point I only left him facebook reports of my whereabouts so he knew where I was approx when. Turned out about 8 a.m. they were prepping to send him to the floor and get him out of icu and he seized. He has never had a seizure before. I talked to him for a couple minutes and for the first time in the past 1 1/2 years when I asked if he was okay he said no not really. Dr. said he didn't think I needed to come back that they didn't know much so to go on home... I don't think he realized I still had another 4 hours ahead of me so based on Carls comment I made the choice to come back esp after going online and seeing his glucose levels hit 274 and his bp levels were hanging in around 170s/90s. He isn't diabetic but had to give him insulin. Needless to say I couldn't go back if I wanted. I know our kids are in good hands.

they put an eeg on him for much of yesterday but it showed nothing but he also hasn't moved he has slept pretty much since the episode. Since I have been back his bp has stayed between 110-130s. They have been giving him plasma to try and get his blood clotting. last night was at 1.8 where it was at a 4 so we are getting there. they wanted an mri last night but because he still has epidural in they can't do the mri and they can't take the epi out until the blood is ready. They said he lost too much blood during surgery to risk taking it out yet. So we wait. Was just looking looks like his glucose this morning is down to 118 at least it is coming down, red blood count is low, but whites are doing good. Phosphorus is at 1.5 which is lower than standard so maybe that means his is regenerating??

I did get some sleep last night. He has been holding his cup of ice he requested for about 30mins and hasn't touched it. In fact I think he fell asleep think I am going to go remove it and set it to the side. Will keep updated.


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encimes, glucose, even, encephalopaty , but evereything improved after 4 or 5 days ,concerning to liver regeneration it's up to every one,
not necesarelly it regenerates in size, at least to the old size, some time it grows to normal size,some times smaller, the important is when he recovers the normal hepatic functions, in my case 2 months my liver even smaller was working prfectlly despite I was still tired and weak , on month 3 I started to feel normal and do normal life.
Be calm I was in hospital for 20 days 17 of them In ICU. And I'm here, some minor issues use to hapen after such a surgery.

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Thank you so much for your input. They are running all sorts of tests at the moment. He isn't following with eye motion, response is slow, told to raise his right leg and he raises his left, put his arms out like superman and his right arm droops and doesn't go as high as the left but he insists he is. He says he feels fine, that he has no pain and he isn't hitting his pain button but keeps asking for them. insisted he asked for water and didn't get it for 45mins, but he is only allowed ice chips and he was holding it for 45mins which he fell asleep holding then took a bit. He seems to be getting short with me which is out of character. When I am sitting next to him he tells me to come sit by him. Still trying to get blood to clot more before they pull the epi then they will get him in for mri.


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Renee Prayers for you and your husband.

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keep em coming if you have any to spare. They are thinking now maybe he had a stroke possibly still seizure. Blood is still not clotting where they need it. They are hoping tomorrow we can proceed with things that need to take place. Neurologist wants mri, but can't because of the epidural. They took the foley out this afternoon and he has had no urine output where he was putting out 100-125 per hour. His bilirubin is high he is basically orange and for a guy that is white as a ghost and doesn't tan is looking like he has a really bad spray on tan. eyes are pretty yellow and glossy. Not thinking we will be out of icu before Monday. They didn't even try and get him up today they have just let him sleep and just rotating him. Everytime they have tried getting him up his bp goes extremely low, he vomits, passes out or yesterday the worse one stroke/seizure. His glucose was 274 last night so rec' insulin but has been down today around 108.


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Oh my, I feel for you, this was a tough one. I remember going through a few nasty episodes when my Rick had liver surgery, they couldn't get his pain level and fever down. Some very stressful times. I will be keeping you both in my thoughts and prayers.



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Oh my, what people have to go through. I'm affirming thoughts of both of you getting
past this difficult time. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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