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Looking for positive mental energy

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I don't post too often but still follow everyone a lot. Yesterday was one year since I began the usual treatment of chemo/radiation. I was Stage3 with a large tumor. I had a colostomy ( still do ) I did not handle the chemo well and became very weak and malnurished so was hospitalized then nursing home for 3months on TPN ( a nutritional supplement through my port ). In June I came home and have been improving every day. My last CT Scan in Sept. showed the mass had shrunk from 6cm to about 5cm but could not determine if it was scar tissue or smoldering tumor. Most everything else was ok. When originally diagnosed there was an abnormal lump biopsied on my breast, the doctor felt since I had had that for many years it was not his high priority at the time as was the AC that also had lymph node invovement. I have not been worried but have been soo anxious all day since I had my PET Scan and CT Scan yesterday. I see my doctor in the morning but know I won't sleep. This is not at all like me and that is what bothers me. So please PRAY and send mental positive energy my way that this is just the usual nervous waiting game we all play, and if the news is not positive that I will have the strength once again. To add to my stress my husband is recovering from a bone marrow transplant in Dec. He is doing well but has a long year ahead. Sorry to kind of ramble but thats just my mood right now and I know where I can find people who will understand. I'll let you know how it all goes. Thanks

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Sending up prayers for you right now.

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Sending you very positive thoughts and energy. You've been, and are going through, enough. I'm praying for you for good results from your tests.
All my best,

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Sending many prayers and positive energy your way!!! Hoping all is well for you and your husband. Keep us updated!


Dog Girl
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Let me pile on with heartfelt prayers for both you and your husband. I pray for healing for both of you and for strength and peace while you heal.

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You are strong and can do this. Thinking of you during this tough time. Better times ahead.

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I wish you all the best with your scan results--may all the news be good!

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I know you have come to the right place to seek support, encouragement and prayers. Add mine to the list. Please also know that your uneasy feeling that is not normal for you, is normal. I am sure that beside you and me there are many that can relate to this emotional rollcoaster that we are on, no matter how strong we thought we were. It is so wonderful to have this safe place to be weak and vulnerable and know that we will be lifted and carried by such kind and compassionate people (angels!).

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Hope you got good results!

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