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R1and r2 cream did any one use this during treatment?

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Trying to find what might help during radiation. My doctor said this might help. Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on creams to soothe the skin.

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There are a lot of different creams people use but what worked best for me was Dermoplast Spray...it can be bought OTC and is usually prescribed to sooth after childbirth. It was great because I didn't have to touch the sore area and just sprayed it on several times a day. Good luck to you I know it can be a hard time but it won't last for ever and we all get through it so can understand.

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I just have to put it out there and ask. Did you have to spray this on the anal area? I just don't know what to expect, I guess it's better to ask than wonder.

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It is hard to know what to expect. Yes I did spray it on the anal area (need to do kind of a twist to reach) but also my entire vaginal area was burned too. I did have some pelvic lymph node involvement so don't know if that will be the case for you. Again it was so easy to use and worked great. I also wore a thin pad everyday because of some drainage from the sore area so you could apply ointment or spray to that if you can position it just right. It will take some trial and error but you will find what works best for you.

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Aquaphor worked the best for me. It is an over the counter ointment you buy at Target or drug stores. I use other prescription ointments but this seemed to work the best for me even though it is rather greasy.

Dog Girl
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During the worst of my burns I used Silverdene (sp?) which is a rx. And I also swore by
(and still use) Aquaphor which you can get at the drugstore, Target, Walmart, etc... Make sure you remove all creams before your rad tx as they can exacerbate burns if left on skin.
I always took it with me and I would put it on at the rad center after tx.

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I was given silvadene too (by the hospital) and used Aquaphor. I like the idea of the Dermoblast though, because it's a spray - that area gets quite sore and burned at the end of treatment and for a couple of weeks after. A spray sounds easier to apply than the creams.

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I used guinot cream. My skin never broke down or cracked. I used it right after treatment (you are not allowed to put anything before the treatment) and several times after that. I took bath and reapplied after. This cream was designed by Guinot for burn victims and it really worked for me. You can get it at www.advancedbeautycare.com and its the Guinot Longue Vie Cellulaire if you are interested. Worked wonders for me. The doc told me that he had not seen such good skin before BUT then we are all different and you are not really sure what makes it work at the end.

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I used aquaphor until the burns intensified, then my doc prescribed Silver Sulfadiazine. Some people have used Domeboro too.

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