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Recorded workshops by Cancer Care

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Many folks here are well clued-up on kidney cancer but it's a big subject and not everyone knows it all so I hope the link below will contain info. of value to at least some members here. I found it valuable. It's a one hour workshop titled "The Challenges of Coping with Cancer and Other Health Problems" with a panel of 4 experts giving talks followed by questions from some of the thousands of people who were listening in.


I was pleased to hear good treatment of the "Grapefruit Effect" and another topic I alluded to in my first appearance on these threads but which no-one here seemed to be aware of, viz. the danger of taking St. John's Wort along with some cancer therapies. There is excellent info. on many topics like keeping good records, not being shy of asking questions, seeking second opinions, having a written treatment plan and so on.

Cancer Care, which has been around for many years, has had 3 similar one hour workshops in the last couple of years devoted to kidney cancer. I haven't had time yet to listen to them but I'm sure they will all prove valuable as well. If you get on at the above link you can easily find your way to the kidney cancer recordings.

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Hey Tex - you do great research! Thanks! I will be checking out the website myself.
I've read some warnings about St. John's Wort and other 'natural' products. Having recently started on Sutent, I can say that information is extremely detailed and on their website you can actually type in a drug or mineral or whatever to see if the research found any issues. Again, thanks for keeping all of us informed. This is serious business!


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Thanks Tex. I'll take a little time away from my Turner Classic Movies channel to watch this.

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I've just listened to the hour's recording entitled Update on the Treatment of Metastatic RCC - another good one, from which I made a few notes.

Particularly interesting was the advice that feeling good is important under drug treatment; always stay ahead of pain (playing catch-up is always bad) and report unpleasant side-effects straight away so that your docs/nurses can do something about it.

Especially valuable was advice that I think most of us wouldn't manage to guess - if you're getting nasty side-effects, stop taking the medicine while your advisers consider how to deal with it. The administration of these drugs is a bit hit and miss in terms of dose level and frequency so it's better to stop if you're getting nasty reactions - it's not like taking an antibiotic where you must adhere to the dosage regimen and must finish the course. It's more important that you are feeling as good as possible and doing so will benefit you in tolerating further therapeutic measures.

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