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Pregnant GBM Survivor Philippines

Glenda_GBM Survivor
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Hi..From Philippines here.My wife ( 31 years old) was DX with GBM on December 10, 2011 and now 5 mos pregnant. She had 80% resection on 12.23. 2011 of her 7 cm tumor mass and have started radiation as of this writing. What makes the situation difficult is her pregnancy. We cannot start a low dose temodar with radiation as it will cause fetal defect.Therapeutic abortion is illegal here. Our Radiation Oncologist works with her OB to minimize the effect of radiation to the baby in her womb. Radiation will buy us time so that she can deliver the baby via caesarian section by 28 weeks. Then we will start her chemo.

She regained her strength now, can walk, go the comfort room take care of herself which she cannot do prior to surgery. GBM is really a life changing experience but we are not giving up because she is still young. She is taking every supplement we can afford on top of the western treatment to boost her immune system with the hope of being a long term survivor. Above all, there is God.

She is now on the 13th day of radiation..

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I am so sorry that you and your family are going throug this. My daughter has brain cancer and I know that the road you are about to travel is going to be tough. Keep your faith and never give up. Please keep updating us and know that I, along with others from this site will be praying for your wife, unborn child and of course , you.

Glenda_GBM Survivor
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Thank you for the support and encouragement. Do you have any idea how much the temodar treatment cost without insurance in the US. Our health insurance will cover these treatment but most of it will be out the pocket expenses.

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Hi, glad to hear that you're from Philippines. My mother was diagnosed last January 2012 with lung and brain cancer. I live here in Canada, and my two sisters live with my mom back home. She's so weak and cannot do things on her own. She can't even speak or talk rght now. I don't why they decided to delay the treatment, all i know is they're scared, ssome people told them that radiation theraphy will only worsen our mothers condition. Please i need help and information. I dont think her doctor is helping my mom too. When he talked, its always negative.


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I am sorry that your wife has this tumor and is also pregnant. My husband was dx in November 2011. The day before Thankgiving. So my husband Dave is about one month ahead of your wife. My husbands tumor is inoperable and he has had 6 weeks of radiation and temodar which has shrunk his tumor by %50. Now he is doing Temodar 5/23 for about 10 months. He just finished his second cycle. I would think that your wife having %80 of the tumor removed is a good thing. Take care.


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I'm sorry to hear that,i just want to share with you my experience and to let you know that there is always hope,i am a Filipino also but base here in the U.S.My sister was diagnose with GBM from the the Phil. in early March 2010 and had an operation before the end of March 2010.She went for radiation and chemotherapy in Manila but after more than a year she got pregnant and delivered a healthy baby girl.Right now she's almost two and half year survivor of GBM with no further treatment or chemotherapy.With the help of God and the will to survive there is nothing impossible. My prayers for you and your family.

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