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Liver mets

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Hi everyone,
I hav just been told I need chemo for secondary cancers on my liver .
I had Ovarian cancer in 2008 and have been in remission until now .
anyone out there please ..I am in shock .
also I feel abandoned to " just get on with it "
On Carboplatin for six sessions
I would appreciate any knowledge on this diagnosis
Thank you in advance .

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I had mets to my liver in January 2008. Treatment was x 7 carbo/taxol. I completed tx in June 2008. The liver met have not returned.

Good Luck,


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So sorry that you have a secondary cancer to your liver. Sending you good thoughts and prayers as you ready yourself for chemo.


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woww, Im really happy about your story :) , but the mets on liver, how was it your mets? how you find out about that?



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Hi Jenna,

In April, 2007, I had surgery for endometrial cancer stage 1C grade 2. In January, 2008, I developed a blood clot.  CT scan showed mets to abdomen and liver.  All mets resolved with carbo/taxol.


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I am so sorry it has returned you are in my prays I hope the cancer is driven away for good this time.


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Sorry you must deal with this. But there truly is hope, as you've been told by the other ladies. I don't have personal experience with liver mets, but you are facing this head-on and I'll pray these treatments are successful. Please keep us informed.


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for unfortunately many of us have recurrances with mets on the liver, lungs etc. It's terribly scary to recieve the news. I've been there, but that was over two years ago and although I still have to recieve treatment, I'm here and doing well. We'll be right here for you as they tell you "to get on with it". You will not be alone. The excellent news is that you were able to beat this back for a very long period and you CAN do this. Welcome to a whole new family that will understand.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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I read your post and thougth did I write that. I was diagnosied April 2008 with Ovarian cancer, two weeks ago found out it is now on my liver. I am going next week for surgery to remove section of liver, then I have to do chemo again. I was in total shock, my CA125 were always 8 last month went to 65.I know how you feel. I was totally pissed, no other way to put it. I am ready now (tears are done) to face the demon again. Stay strong, and we will win.

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