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Dental care before starting treatments

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This topic came up recently. Today I read an article on this topic in CureToday.com Winter 2011 http://curetoday.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/article.show/id/2/article_id/1795 Not quite sure how I came onto their mailing list but I think it was when I joined the discussion board and I did a survey. It is part of American Cancer Society in any case. Very informative about decisions around dental and oral care before commencing radiation and or chemo.

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I had a complete cleaning and dental done in sept 2011, then my cancer was diagnosis in October, I had my 1st chem in January, on feb 7th I starting with a tooth ache when to dentist X-ray revealed an abscessed toothe which happened to be an old root canal that some how leaked thru. The dentist felt the chemo reduced my immune system to protect me from the abscess. The oral surgery was terrible he had to cut the gums anom and digg out the tooth, clean out the access, packing, stiches, couldn't talk and eat for 3 days. My chemo was delayed for 2 wks after I completed all the AB. The gums healed nicely I must say after all the pain and suffering.
Had my. Chemo 2 feb 15th.

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At dentist today so asked the question. If possible any dental care should be completed before treatment. Advise dentist during treatment and he also liked to be informed in the 6 months after treatment has finished as stated above re immune system.

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