Lung Cancer in non smoker, from second hand smoke?

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Just curious, I read a lot of lung cancer dx's in non smokers, could it be that the non smoker got it from being exposed to second hand smoke growing up? i.e. my parents both chain smoked and I grew up in the 70's / 80's when it seemed everyone who smoked smoked in the home and car with children around.


  • PBJ Austin
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    Second hand smoke
    It is well known that lung cancer can occur in non-smokers who are exposed to a lot of second hand smoke, although the exact source of a non-smoker's lung cancer can never be known with certainty. Even those who did not grow up in a smoking home still caught a lot of cigarette smoke just for going out in public, as smoking was not nearly as restricted as it is today.

    I remember as a young child being exposed to a lot of smoke when my parent's friends came over. Even though it caused me to have terrible asthma attacks I was still taught to be polite and not complain. Thank God that way of thinking has changed and there is a new generation of kids growing up in a much less smoking-friendly world.

    I should add that I feel very lucky never to have taken up smoking. I know from friends and relatives it's very hard to quit.