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My first holiday without my sweetheart...

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Well, I just spent my first Valentine's Day without my sweet husband... I guess I survived it ok. First thing was to visit my husband's resting place and give him some more flowers since it was a few weeks ago since I was there last.
then I signed off on his car and went to the first Liver Cancer Support Group. Sadly I was the only one there with the social worker and physician assistant which ended up not being such a bad thing. I ended up sharing lot's of information that was helpful to them.
then off to dinner with a friend since she and I don't have Valentine's. We celebrated at one of "OUR" favorite restaurants. He and I always enjoyed going there..
Now I sit alone tonight and reminisce about the good ole days. I do acknowledge that we did make lots of memories but it still hurts that he is gone and will never be here again to hold my hand, or kiss me or call me on the phone and call me "babe".
Happy Valentine's Day Paul.. I love and miss you so much.

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So sorry you have to go through these things. You seem to be doing all the right things to get through your time of grieving. Going out with a friend who would also be alone, was a good thing. Coming home to your empty house is hard. We are here for you and we are listening. (((((HUGGS))))), sig. And prayers for your love, Paul.

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My heart bled when I read your posting just a while ago. My wife was diagnosed with cholangiocarcinoma only last February and our lives have been turned around especially since our 3 children live in different states and we have our home in the Philippines. She is now in Boston hoping against hope that the chemo treatments will work. Since we agreed to work as a family as regards decisions and treatment options, my preferred combination of conventional and non-conventional, in my opinion, will work better as attested to by two cancer survivors who were in email exchange with me recently. Today I have a bit more time to reach out so I am reviewing the postings from those who have been severely affected and desperately seeking solutions. If I may share one spiritual thought, try this one out. Oftentimes when we lose a loved one the most painful thought is that of losing this loved one to eternity. But if you have faith and believe in the after life, you might wish to read the book of Dr. Raymond Moody appropriately entitled "Life After LIfe". I read that in 77 the year after my dad, my best friend who treated me as his son and as his "pal", having spent many years in the USA, passed away the prior year. In that book my mind and my heart felt good about the thought that in God's infinite wisdom, He allows our souls to be "met" by the souls of our dearly departed loved ones. Get the book, believe in the "meeting" and you shall always have your husband's soul in yours. If you should happen to be in this part of the world, give us a buzz or an email My email is arlaba2007@gmail.com. If you need more sharing and if you need more friends dont hesitate to drop us a line. Tony

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For your kind words, Tony. I truly appreciate them. I can only offer a bit of advice: Make every moment count, say what you want to say and do what she wants to do... Just in case. I hope your outcome with your wife turns out better than mine.

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