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Wound Vac is History

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After being tethered to something since Nov. 29, the date of his HIPEC surgery, my husband is finally free. He had to go home from the hospital with a machine that suctioned moisture out of the open wound 24/7. It was a pack that he had to carry around like a purse. It has been a long haul but what a trooper he has been. I would not have been as good of a sport. Life is good. Lisa

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Are you guys too young to remember that song Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd (i'm sure i butchered the spelling).
That just came to mind....it must be getting late......bad humor.
Congrats and enjoy .......no more man bag.

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I am definitely not too young. We probably both danced to it at S & S in Coldwater, followed by a late night trip to Burkettsville. Lisa

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Congratulations to your husband on becoming a freebird. It sure sounds like a long haul.
Glad it's over!


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great news big hugs

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One hurdle overcome---yay! Nothing like progress being made. Thanks for sharing Lisa~

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I'm glad he's off the wound vac,I bet he feels alot better.

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That is wonderful news!


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This journey has been two steps forward, one step back the entire way. Yesterday my husband went to the restroom and came out telling me he thinks something split in his wound. When changing dressing this morning, that is exactly what happened. He has about a three inch long, 1.5 inch deep split in the fatty layer of the wound. I called visiting nurse who said go ahead and pack it which I did but he is feeling horrible today. We are at a hotel for our daughters b-day so I am understandably nervous. I am praying he wakes up and feels better so I don't have to take him into the hospital. He is having tremendous anxiety over the whole thing. Lisa

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