Phoney Avastin?

connsteele Member Posts: 232
Tonight's CBS national news broadcast had a very short clip about some vials of phoney Avastin circulating. Said there was no proof that anyone had been harmed. Does anyone know anymore about this? Or, has anyone's doc say anything about this?

Depending on the results of our son's MRI this Monday, he may be starting it.

m/o David, age 34
dx June 1985, medulloblastoma
dx April 2011, AA3


  • More info on fake Avastin
    Connie, here is a press release giving more information about the fake Avastin situation.

    If it doesn't come through as a link, maybe you can copy and paste it to find out more. It's a terrible thing to imagine, but I guess there are people out there who will do anything to make money.

    I hope your son David's MRI goes well - I know how stressful the waiting is, and will definitely keep you in my prayers. You guys have a very tough situation, and I think it's compounded by having this be the 2nd time you've gone through brain cancer with David. I'll be thinking about you. CindyO