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Could I have lymphoma? Help please.

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My names Katelyn. I'm 15 years old and I have a hard swollen lymph node on the side of my neck. I had a ct scan done about a week ago but it was inconclusive. Tomorrow I go for a FNA biopsy. Are the results from those accurate? What I really want to know is if I may have cancer. I'm scared to death here. I had a tonsilectomy in December which I assumed was the reason for my swollen lymph node. My left tonsil was enlarged and so is a cluster of 3 lymph nodes in the side of my neck. After the sugery the lymph nodes never went down. Could this just be because of all the infections or is it likely there's something else wrong sense there still there? If anyone has been through anything similar I would appreciate any information.

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Hi Katelyn,
I thought about waiting until tomorrow to answer your post, but when I saw your age, my heart got heavy. Your so young to have cancer fears running through your mind, and can only imagine how freightening this is for you. I'm no doctor, so please keep in mind that anything I say is purely speculation and my own personal opinion. With you just having a tonsilectomy it seems very possible that your lymph nodes may still be swollen from that along with prior infections. However, further testing, as with the biopsy your having done today, should shed more light on your concerns. Try to stay calm until the tests are done..yes, easier said than done, but before a cancer diagnosis can be confirmed, many tests need to be done. Swollen nodes should always be checked out, so just continue to seek care. I'm sure your parents will stay on top of this and you need to tell them at all times when you are not feeling right. Please let us know what you find out and I'll keep good positive thoughts and prayers for you. Much love...Sue

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Hi Katelyn,

I agree with Sue. Based on what you've said I'm inclined to think
it's related to your tonsil issues and infection but it's always
best to be safe with these things.

Please keep us posted and we'll be rootin' for you!

Hugs and positive thoughts,

DX: DLBL 4/2011, Chemo completed 10/2011, currently in remission. :)
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Hi Katelyn,
I'm hoping and praying that it's not cancer! Please try to stay calm sweetie, I will be thinking of you...please let us know how the test went. Take care of yourself and sending you a (((huge hug))).


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Just try and be calm. They are trying to find out why your nodes are swollen. It does sound as though its related to your tonsils. The Lymph nodes are there for the purpose of infection. They will swell if there is any infection. Believe it or not your tonsils and adenoids are an extension of your lymph nodes. John

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Hi young lady!

I see that you haven't been back on so I am anxious to find out your results of the FNA. being a nurse in an ENT office and assisting with FNA's the physician can more than like give an opinion by the way the fluid looks but I do agree with everyone else that honey, you just had surgery on your tonsils and plus it may just be normal for you to have swollen nodes. stay calm and don't think the worst but please let us know how you are now.

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I certainly agree with everyone on this site. It is most likely not lymphoma. Please let us know how you are. God bless you. Think positive thoughts. I'd say 99% of what we worry about never comes true.

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