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Remember me??

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Some of you may remember me; I lost my husband to lung cancer in October. Now, my sister's ovarian cancer has returned and spread to her pelvic area and she has spots on the outside of her liver. She is my only sister and I am not ready to loose her after loosing my husband. I want to be positive for her because she is scared to death this time around. She is supposed to start chemo again this week and a liver biopsy is scheduled as well. She is a 3 yr survivor thus far and has been very positive and strong up to this point. We have discussed a bucket list and one of her wishes was to go on a cruise. We thought we were doing that this spring. Now, that is out of the question. Therefore; I asked what else she wanted to do. She replied by saying I want to sale my camper to get a bigger one. I told her I didn't have the money to do that; I couldn't help her there. If anyone is looking for a camper in the Knoxville area, she has one for $19,000. That's the only thing I know I can do for her is try to make that wish come true other than just being there for her when she needs me. She says when the weather isn't too cold she just wants to go to her camper build a fire and look at it. That's what we are going to do!

Thanks for listening!

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I remember you Teresa! Glad you checked back in with us. But so very sorry to hear of your only sister's diagnosis. Geesh! I am glad she has you by her side though. I know you will take good care of her. I will be praying that new tx plan will allow her many years to come. God works in mysterious way. Pass on the positive thoughts and prayers to your sister. Blessings to you both! Cheryl

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I remember you too. I often wonder if there was any outcome with the lawyers on your husbands' case. Anyway, I know you'll take good care of your sister. Get her in the right hands and we will all wish you and her the best. Nice to see you again. I can't afford a camper or much else either. cancer ate my wallet.

sleepless in jersey
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you or your Husband!
Sad you have to go through this again and so soon. I know you will be a good care taker for your sister.
Wish I could help you with the trailer end as well.
Good Luck to you and your sister stay strong!
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