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My dad is super fatigued with Gemzar/Carboplatin

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My dad's first round with chemo in 7/11-10/11 was with Carbo/Taxol. He was not nearly as fatiged/tired as he is with the Gemzar/Carbo combination. It is profoundly different for him. His appetite is not there.he says "he's feeling it this time".He seems more worried to me now.

He is supposed to have chemo for 4-6 months the oncologist said.I don't know if he can handle it.He will be 78 in April.He has been a healthy/tough man.No sickness his whole life.I hope this will be to his advantage.He is not having any nausea/vomitting.He is worried if he will lose his hair or now.I am reading some yes/some no.It really bothers him.Saying it'll grow back doesn't help much.

This "new normal" is not too easy to adjust to.This up and down with pet/ct scans, bone scans, mri's is very stressful.My dad used to drink beer/wine,I am surprised that he hasn't been asking to drink.I am proud of my dad. He quit smoking in 6/11, when we found out it was NSCLC stage 3.now they are saying it was in the bone from the beginning.

Thinking positive for all of you on this board...keep strong....you have alot of support amongst us out here!!:)

Is anyone out there in my dads position now with gemzar/carbo?.

Catch ya later, Cathy.

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i guess maybe the body need time to adjust to the new drug. hopefully he will get better. stay strong my friend


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Tomorrow is chemo day.Gemzar only tomorrow, then next week is off.My dad is happy about that!Hopefully he gets used to this for now..send positive thoughts our way..

Stay strong,Cathy.

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My husband is Stage 4 and on his second line of chemo with this drug. It's kicked his blood to the curb, thus making him very fatigued. He's already had one blood transfusion and his oncologist has mentioned another soon. I guess it's routine for this protocol which is known to severely drop the blood counts.Is your dad getting those? They do help.

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