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A question for ladies only (trust me on this, guys)

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Minnesota Girl
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Has anyone had trouble with urinary incontinence after surgery?

I realize I am getting older (43 is still young though, right!?) and had three babies, so some of this just goes with the territory.

BUT, since I had my surgery in July, it really seems to be worse. Maybe the couple of days on the catheter caused a change??

Has anyone else noticed this?

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I am much older 58 and I did not have a change like that, I would talk to your dr, good luck

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I had that issue a lot last year. I was treated for a UTI eventually and my problem cleared up. T
hank goodness- I'm too young to be buying depends! I had no UTI symptoms but did finally complain at a doc appt, was tested and told no UTI then called back five hours later with a yes you do. I don't know if that was the only culprit though -the catheter might have something to do with it.

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