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Type of anesthesia,cancer surgery and recurrence risk

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While this article discusses how the kind of anesthesia (regional vs general)used during liver cancer surgery may contribute to recurrence, nevertheless,here it is:


"Types of Anesthesia May Affect Recurrence Risk After Liver Cancer Procedure"

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I had Fentanyl (sp?) as general anesthesia for both my colon resection and my liver resection. Was a bad experience with colon resection, but not as bad the second time.


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LEF's discussion on surgery and anesthesia bears reading.

Of course, for many, whether they can get cimetidine for the operation, instead of the usual proton pump inhibitors, and for 7-30 days around surgery will be a major contributor to their long term survival. Perhaps best measured in years for many.

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ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22122868 and for colon cancer and fish oil (same site):

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