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I am over from the BC board. My BIL has a large tumor in his bladder. he has been have bleeding when he urinates. he is having surgery next week. he is doing it in a local hospital when we have large teaching hospitals nearby, is there anything I should know about the do and donts and are there certain surgical procedures that are preferable? things to look out for, side effects that can be avoided? i am well versed in Breast cancer having had it three times but with other cancers i am in the dark. thanks in advance, my SIL lost her first husband to esophogeal cancer and I want to optimize his chances.

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Here is a link to another site that has much more activity than this site offers with regard to bladder cancer.


I would go there and ask any questions you would have. Lots of nice people there and ready to offer advice based on their experiences. I have had my bladder removed and have made it very well for the last 20 months. Also had chemo after my operation and all was good there as well. Personally speaking though, I just can't figure out why you would have this type of operation done at a local hospital when you have lareger, teaching hospitals available to you. They normally have more experience with this type of surgery.

I wish you well.
C U,

Urostomy 6-30-2010, bladder cancer staged 3a

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