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New, confused and scared...

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Maybe its too early for me to post here, but just discovered last week I have lung cancer, and my pulmonary surgeon ordered a brain MRI and found 2 "concerning" spots, and cancelled the futher diagnostic stuff for my lungs. I dont even have an oncologist yet, they were supposed to call me back yesterday. Of course its the weekend now and I'm left nhot knowing...

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You always will have hope.
Lance Amstrong had testicular cancer that spread to the lungs and to the brain. He is doing fine now.

I am sorry about your news.

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Thanks I_Promise. I'm so glad I found this site. I have wonderful supporters off line, but its really good to get to know people who have "been there"

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It's never to early to have support when you are going through a difficult time. I am sorry it can be so stressful, but please remember, one day at a time. I was a basket case for the first four days of my diagnosis and the 5th and 6th day I was hospitalized for a biopsy. But, over time, I have learned to slow down my thinking of the future, and to take each day one by one. To take each Dr. appointment one a a time, and to really stop and think. I know it's not very comforting, but someone is always here, to share what you are going through, and to give you HOPE!


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