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being bad

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My first week back to work went very well despite the fact I came down with a cold last Sunday before starting back on Monday. My wife and kids have all been sick on and off the 3 weeks I was off and I avoided getting it until before I start back to work, just my luck. Good news is that my immune system worked overtime and by Wednesday morning I was good to go. I started this morning with a glass of celery, broccoli, carrot, strawberry, and watermelon juice. I finished the day with 3 pints of a local
lpa and a margarita. I know I won't do this often but it was good to cut loose a bit.


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won't kill you Wayne. I did a big double-take, though, knowing that lpa is being used a lot now as a biomarker and a therapeutic agent in the cancer field - lysophosphatidic acid that is - then I figured you were unlikely to be drinking 3 pints of it in the same location as a margarita and, having discounted litres of pure alcohol (since you're still here and you counted in pints) I'm guessing that was india pale ale - a much better choice, for my money!

Glad to hear you're coping so well and hope you and the family are back to full health.

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Give me a Bass ale anytime. Actually cheap beer works too. I've told people that I don't really like cheap beer, I just like to pee alot. What can they say?

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I must confess...I'm a commonsewer where beer is concerned...love black & tans (aka. half & half)

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