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Experience with carbo/gemzar?

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Yesterday, my oncologist explained the results of my PET/CT scan. There are several (6 in all) nodes in my pelvic region and abdomen that are just beginning to glow. I was so thankful that there was no huge tumor necessitating more surgery - you know what the mind can do when you have six days before your appointment to brood! So I will be doing the carbo/gemzar routine, which I know some of you have been through. I would be grateful for any advice or comments as to what to expect. I have been told I won'l lose my hair this time - whew!


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jo...i just had my second infusion of gemzar today. honestly....so far i haven't had any side effects....i almost wish i would because then i would feel like it's doing something. i wish my oncologist would put me on the combination that you are on....this one chemo med at a time just isn't cutting it....i did two full 3 week rounds of topotecan alone and it did nothing. the cancer is spreading and the ascites is getting worse and i feel if it's not stopped soon it will be too late. praying for the best (for all of us) .... karen

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Tina Brown
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Sorry to read that Topotecan didn't work for you. I've just finished all 6 rounds and am now waiting for a scan and results. My numbers dropped amazingly after the first 3 rounds but they seem to be stuck around 300 / 400. I hope the gemzar works for you, maybe I'll get that next time.

Tell me, are you feeling ill? I am just bloated some of the time - don't think I have ascites though.

Take care love Tina xx

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Hi Jo:

I did the carbo/gemzar route. It was spread out for 6 months. One week I would get gemzar and then two weeks later I would get the both - that went on for 6 months. I also did not have to premedicate the night before treatment. I did not lose my hair. I did have a little neuropothy, but then again I do have arthritis in my family.

Thinking of you on your upcoming treatment.


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I've had LOTS of that... :). You shouldn't lose your hair and besides that, it's quite like carbo/taxol. You need to drink plenty of water, make sure that your bowels are moving along, you'll feel rather flu like especially days 3-5 and probably experience what I call "metal mouth". You can handle this and we'll be right here to answer any questions you might have. I like to prepare for chemo weeks... I gather together movies, books, games, audiobooks and tell myself that it's my job to keep myself as upbeat as possible. I eat small amounts of what tastes good several times a day and I rest, rest, rest.
(((HUGS))) Maria

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for all the good advice. I start Tuesday. I'll keep you updated.


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Carbo/gemzar/avastin one week then just gemzar the following week then two weeks off . It has been very mild,I have just finished my third round and my ca125 is 7. My hair has thinned alot but avastin can cause that.
I hope it is easy and effective for you also,good luck !

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