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Sad news about my dad

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Hello all,
As I sit here writing this I am completely shocked and devastated. Last week we had to take my dad to the ER because he hadn't left the house or gotten off the couch for 5 days. As you all know from my posts he was very weak and could barely eat or drink and at this point was having trouble breathing. We were going from dr to dr to try and figure out what was going on. Well in the ER they gave him several breathing treatments to help him breathe, took chest xrays, did an ekg, gave him more blood and platelets. They still couldn't figure out what was going on. They finally thought he had a virus in his lung because they saw something on the scan but couldn't say for sure what it was. So on weds they said they would give him 2 days of IV antibiotics and then hopefully send him home on Friday. Then weds night he had such severe bone pain that my mom and I were massaging hi, for 2 hours to no avail. They gave him morphine and 2 percocets and he still couldn't get relief. I have never seen my dad in so much pain. Then thurs morn his breathing was getting worse instead of better. They thought it was a pulmonarynembolism but when they got in to look there was no embolism. They ended up finding that he had to blocked arteries in his heart so they put in 2 stints. But he was so sick and weak from the pc in his bones that he ended up having a massive heart attack. We had to witness several code blues feeling helpless as they tried to save my dad. Unfortunately he was too weak to recover and passed away on February 2nd. He fought so hard and was so strong till the end. He was only 66 years old. I wanted to thank everyone on this board, especially VG for helping me get through this year with all of their advice and support. I couldn't have made it through without all of you who responded to my posts. Please continue to support each other, its so important. And I wish all of you good luck fighting this terrible disease.

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Daddysgirl (Christine)

I am so sorry for the news. Your post made me cry and I know how much you and your family are sad about the results. Your dad surely is gone with you in his heart.
Please receive my sincere condolences.

Thanks for letting us know his story and this difficult moment of yours.


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I'm deeply saddened that your father passed at this early stage of his life. You all fought a courageous battle. I do hope now that as the raw emotions of his death fade that you will cherish the good times you had with him.

The very best to you and your family at this sad time.


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So sorry for your loss. He passed with a great family by his side. Your story of how hard he faught is inspirational.

hopeful and opt...
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to read of your loss. My prayers are with you.

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My deepest sympathy for you and your family.

Peace be with you.


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I just join this group. Saw your post and went back and read all of your postings.
It seems that you were everywhere for your dad.

I am really sorry to hear about your dad.

I hope you find peace in this difficult time.

Deepest sympathy.

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Dear Christine,

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I am new to this site but I was deeply moved and saddened by your story. I will pray that you and your family find times of healing and comfort during this difficult loss.

Very Sincerely,


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Dear Christine

Please accept my deep condolences. Please avail help from Hospital 'grief group' to cope with the loss. Time will heal your sorrow, and our prayers are with you.
However, once things settle down, and if you are really looking for answers about your dad's care and want put a closure to your journey , I suggest you meet with the Hospital QA Chief to review your Dad's care,especially relating to the indications for a coronary angio and the stents in some one with intractable pain from metastatic ca with 60 lb weight loss etc.

Once again, our prayers are with you in this difficult times.

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I'm sad to hear of the loss of your father. Wishing you and your family comfort at this time.


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My heart and prayers go out to you ,Christine an your family.I'm so sorry for your loss,and pray that you will be strong these next days. God bless you.

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I am so sorry to hear of your loss, I will be thinking of you and your family in my prayers.

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I sit with tears in my eyes. I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure your dad and your family have appreciated all the help and support you provided this awful fight. I, too, lost my dad when he was only 64 to leukemia. It was a horrible loss, my heart breaks for your and your family and I will remember you in my prayers.

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Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

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cancer is a terrible disease. my mother passed away from cancer recently. i wish the best for you and i have found that thinking of the good times is what i have as memories. may your dad rest in peace.

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Thank you everyone for your condolences. I will forever be grateful for everyone on this site....

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