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Glioblastoma grade 4, aged 24

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My boyfriend was diagnosed with a glioblastoma grade four tumour in August 2010, aged 23. He has had surgery, where they removed part of it but they couldn't take it all as it would have left him paralysed. He then had six weeks of daily radiotherapy and is now on his 13 month of oral chemotherapy. I have been with him since July this year and we have grown very close in such a short space of time. We are back at the hospital on Monday for a scan to see if the chemo has shrunk the tumour any. Any words of advice as of how to support him? I'm petrified but I can't let him know.

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I know exactly how you feel. I am 23 as well as my boyfriend who was just diagnosed with low-grade astrocytoma dec 2011 except his is inoperable. His tumor is the size of an orange right on top of his thalamus. They cant remove it because of the location and size. This hit us like a brick wall and i'm sure it did for you to. It feels like all of our hopes and future dreams have been let down. It is hard to stay positive in times like this but it's the best thing to do. We will be together 2 years as of April and it has brought us much closer as well. His tumor is a waiting game and we just have to monitor it for the rest of his life with MRI's. I'll tell you one thing he doesnt like is talking about it or thinking about it of course. He gets mad when I come on here because he doesn't even want to think about it. He is a very active 23 year old he went out surfing 2 days after his biopsy with his staples in his head. I just feel like I can't sit around without researching things to help him. But good luck to you my e-mail is Bchscheerldr07@aol.com if that's easier for you to reply at. Good luck with everything you all are in my prayers.

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Just being there is all you can do. I told my sister that I would be there every step of the way, and fight this thing with her and stand by what ever she wanted to do.And that is what I did. I was so scared too.I cried my self to sleep every night.

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