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new symptoms....advise please

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fighting for mom
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Well- mom is 4 year crc survivor. She had resection with 1 foot of colon removed followed by chemotherapy. She still battles with fatigue and neuropathy.

Now I have had irregular bowel pattern and bright red blood in my stool. It has only happened a few times this week. Went to GP today and he says most likely a fissure or internal hemorrhoid. I talked about mom's history and making sure of his recommendations. I don't want to mess around with anything. So- he said if any more blood in stool then he will have me do colonoscopy--a watch and wait approach.

What are your opinions? He said d/t bright red blood it must ne in last 8-10 inches of colon. FYI- My mom's resection was by sigmoid.

I was surprised he didn't send me for colonoscopy....


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Don't ignore the blood-get a definitive explanation!!!!!!steve

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Given your Mom's history, don't wait. Call your doctor and tell him you want a colonoscopy soonest.

Best case, he determines the cause froma fistula or hemroid and treats accordingly. Worst case, it is something more serious and you get a jump start on dealing with it.

Best wishes for best case outcome.


Marie who loves kitties

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If it were my child telling me this, I would have them call back and first politely request a colonoscopy. Then demand one and hey, if need be lie about the blood. My son, who is now 26, just went in for a physical over a year ago- complained about vague stomach and eating issues. After hearing about family history of polyps and my dx of cc at age 50- he sent him for an upper scope and a colonoscopy. Turns out he has a hylaytil hernia- colon totally clear. Gave us all a peace of mind- but also made me realize there was no way this doctor was not going to take anything lightly. As far as I am concerned, you have a first degree relative with a cc dx- that in itself should get you in for a colonoscopy- with your symptoms, it definitely should.

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Get the colonoscopy! The blood I experienced was bright red.


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fighting for mom
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Thanks for confirming my gut instinct- that I need a colonoscopy. I will call back and hopefully not have trouble with the Dr. ordering it. I have had a colonoscopy 9 years ago d/t pain and they ruled it as adhesions from c-section. At recent check up we had discussed when I needed scope and he said in 3 more years for routine d/t mom's dx.

Thanks for reassuring me of what needs to happen!


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Hi Susan,
I say insist on a colonoscopy. Too many of us had symptoms that were attributed to hemorrhoids. Hopefully, it is nothing serious. And if it is nothing serious, you are still not a hypochondriac for having it checked. We have to be advocates for ourselves and families.
Here's to a good outcome for you.

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Nana b
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Catch it early! I'm surprised too. Get it checked out. Better safe than sorry.

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My first symptom was ONE TIME, I was walking and felt liquid and discovered my arse had leaked blood, (bright red) it was the only time, and wasn't very much, I was scared, but assured myself it must have been a hemorrhoid that I was unaware of, one year later, I discover I was Stage IV colon cancer, I should have had a colonoscopy ASAP after the blood incident, I regret that to this very day.
GET A COLONOSCOPY and at least put any fear to rest, okay? It could be absolutely nothing more then what your doc said, but...why take the chance?????
Winter Marie

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I agree you need to get checked. I had red blood and was also told internal hemorrhoid. A year later they found a turmor.


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I agree he needs to be checked again. Blood abnormal does not mean everything. - what causes high blood pressure | low blood pressure treatment

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Kenny H.
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X2, penciling and blood were my symtoms to. Put it off to long, was 3a dx in rectum & 6 nodes positive. Now mets to lungs.
Hope you get best answers.

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Susan, I agree with everyone else. When I first had blood in the stool it was bright red and not in the stool itself so I wasn't all that concerned. I didn't have insurance at the time, so I didn't go see a doctor. I was having a lot of lower GI problems for well over a year when I finally got insurance and my doctor got me into to see a specialist and a colonoscopy. When I came out of the procedure and he told me there was a tumor I told him that I had expected something, but not that. It was Stage IV, mets to right lung and liver. I will always regret not getting checked sooner and I'm not one to have many regrets.

God Bless and I pray for the best for you


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no way you should wait - insist on the colonoscopy and tell your doc that considering the history you are shocked that he hasnt already got you scheduled

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a colonoscopy as soon you can.
hope everything goes well.Hugs.

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