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New member looking for information about anemia

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I just found this site, and what I have had time to read in 15 minutes has told me more than all of my doctors combined. In August of 2004 I was admitted to the emergency room in severe pain from my throat down to the middle of my chest. After I had came to from surgery (3 days later)I was told that I had suffered a strangulated hiatal hernia, and my stomach was removed because the blood flow had been pinched off, and the stomach had become necrotic. Be it fate or whatever, I was later told that lab results showed a small area of cancer on the stomach. I guess the hernia just took care of both problems.

I really hate to be brief on my first post, but I need to get some sleep before going into work, and thought I might ask a couple of questions that I will be able to read any responses, but not reply while I am at work...............Here goes.

Since day one of surgery I have had to have B12 injections because of no intrinsic factor.......this I understand. About a year ago my doctor found that I was severely anemic so I had to have an IV with Iron. Two weeks ago I saw my new Endocrinologis because the old one retired. She (the new one) ran about 9 different blood tests because I told her I was going to bed tired and waking up feeling drained. I guess drained would not accurately describe it so I will say that I felt like I was exhausted as if all my energy was sucked out of me.

The new doctor told me that the labs showed that I was again anemic with very low Iron, and a new problem has developed because the Hemoglobin A1C test showed 6.1........about a year ago my glucose level was about 95 (different type of test). Anyway's, she prescribed Ferrous Sulfate to treat the anemia. My wife questioned her about the usefulness of the Ferrous Sulfate because my Iron levels that were corrected by the Iron IV had dropped, and it appears that I am not able to absorb Iron through diet. My wife believes that I have been using Iron from the IV, and it became depleted to the point of anemia. Has anyone gone through this only to find that they were not able to absorb Iron, and the Iron by IV is the only option?

The other problem is that I am now also hypoglycemic, and have had my sugar drop as low as 21 using the 70-100 scale. The new doctor is not too concerned about me joining the prediabetes club with the A1C of 6.1, and states that getting the anemia under control and sticking to a high protien low carb diet should have me back to as normal as I can get.

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated..........thanks

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