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Anyone with endometrial (stromal) sarcoma (ESS)? Any grade?

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Just curious since I understand this is another of our very rare uterine cancers and I unfortunately have it. I've tried joining the yahoo discussion on it and there doesn't seem to be someone in charge of membership there now since it's been a while since I applied. :(

Anyway, just curious!


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I as well have an aggressive cancer --- MMMT and joined yahoo group with my cancer type. I did just check under yahoo groups for your cancer and it shows an active group set with approx 400+ members. Have you tried to join again? I will tell you when I first joined and submitted my information with email (yahoo), it took approx 3 days to be approved.

If no luck, there should be some help area on the group site where you can ask for guidance.

Good luck!

P.S. Tell us a bit about your journey with cancer.

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Julia I see that you did apply to the yahoo group. I am the list owner. You were sent a note, so you may want to check your spam folder. It's a very active group. I just sent you a personal email also.

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There are so many variations of cancer aren't there. As I too am newly diagnosed and just finished my first round of Taxol/Carbo chemo, my head is still spinning. I have Endometrial clear cell andenocarcinoma with 90% mymometrial invasion, angiolymphatic invasion and right fallopian tube involvement. The Clear Cell is also an agressive type of cancer.

Wishing you the best...

Take Care and Be Well,

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Hi Julia

I was diagnosed in Oct 2002 with ESS low grade, I had had a total hysterectomy in May 2000 and the cancer make-up leaked into my pelvic region and grew into a large tumour. After surgery I was treated with Megace and apart from a couple of side effects have so far had no reappearance. I also tried the yahoo site but didn't get anyway and if an email had been send and went to junk I probably deleted it without checking so gave up. If there is anything you would like to ask, please feel free to do so, can't guarantee I will have an answer but we can try.

Take care

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