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malia's mom

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Hi Ladies!
Haven't posted in a long time. Here is some news on my mother. In nov. 2011, after radical surgery, chemo, and radiation, she was given the "cancer free" thumbs up. she made it through her treatments really well. great doctors, great treatments, and a great husband. she is and was very hopeful. she really thought she would be done. I just got the dreaded call. CT shows liver, kidney, possible lung. She goes in for Petscan and biopsy on Monday. We don't know much until then. Her tumor markers and bloodwork have been great. go figure?
Not sure what we're in for.

Hoping everyone else is doing as well as can be and keeping the faith. Such a strong bunch of women on here.

strength and light and healing thoughts sent your way,


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Oh my!! What a shock. I can't even imagine.

What type of uterine cancer does your mother have? If it's papillary serous (which I'm dealing with) I have wondered if patients should get an extra round (or two) of chemo. I am looking at a second recurrence and I will ask my doctor this question when I see him Friday.

This cancer treatment is a very inexact science. It's too bad the blood tests are not good markers for your mother. That makes it rougher I think.

My prayers and best wishes to your mother, you and all in your family. Keep us posted on what's happening.

Mary Ann

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Ahhh Malia!

I am sorry to hear this for your mom and you. Sending thoughts and prayers to you and your mom and for your mom's upcoming Petscan.


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Sorry to hear the "R" word (reoccurence)....

Sending her (and you) thoughts, prayers and hope they will be able to attack this new reoccurence.....

Keep us posted and tell her to keep fighting!


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