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Pets during RAI treatment

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I am having RAI on feb 20 2012 and I have four cats. I've heard both ways as far as isolating them just like people. Does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do and how I can take of them while on isolation. Removing them from the house temporarily is not an option. Thank you.

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RAI can affect them however it takes about 10-20 years to see ill effects. I was told that most pets won't live long enough to suffer any consequence from RAI exposure. I have pets and I opted to keep a safe distance from them and not hold, hug or kiss them for seven days. I fed them wearing gloves but kept them out of my isolation room. I pet my kitty briefly with gloves on, but he wasn't crazy about the blue things on my hands. I have a parrot that could live to be around thirty years old. I did not handle him, but I fed him with gloves on and talked to him from a safe distance. None of my furry or feathered babies realized there was anything weird going on; except the kitty who really didn't appreciate the blue disposable gloves. I wouldn't worry too much of your kitty's rub against your leg a time or two. Just keep them away from the toilet and any bodily fluids. They will be fine.
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