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oncologist visit

miss maggie
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Dear Liz and Donna,

Yesterday, Tuesday I had very little time to post a reply to your concern, Thank you.

I had a few concerns from a transvaginal sono June 27, 2011, and abdominal ultra sound
Oct 11, 2011. Small cyst on left ovary, and mild prominence of pancreatic duct. I had a
MRI Nov 14, 2011 to ease my concern. The results came back negative. On Jan 30, 2012 another transvaginal, the cyst has reduced in size. On Feb 1, 2012 I had a pelvic sono, negative.
I remember when I was free, and not having to go through all this. The only problem I had
was allergies.

Now to my visit with the oncologist this Monday. After looking at all my tests, she
confirmed the MRI took care of any concerns my doctor and myself might have had. Since
the last Pet Scan I had was in Dec 2010, I wanted another Scan. Since my last 3 Pet Scans
were negative for activity, she would rather not. The radiation problem. Also, all the blood tests I have had during the year 2011 came back normal. Therefore, I will
be seeing my oncologist in another 6 months for my 6 month check-up. She will then order
another Pet Scan for Oct 2012.

Wait, one more test coming up. Oh boy. I have an appointment with the Gastro doctor this
Monday, Feb 13. The doctor and I have to discuss me having an endioscopy. Since my
iron levels were a bit low, my doctor wants to check for internal bleeding.

As you can see, there was a reason why I waited another day to post my history.

I have a question for everyone. I know what an endioscopy is. I have had this before when
my iron levels were low. My oncologist mentioned endioscopy ultra Sound. What kind of
test is this?????

I forgot to mention one more test LOL. Very minor and no big deal. Because my small
bowel perforated, I had a test for H Pilori in Dec 2011.. Negative.

Well kids, that's it. Is this confusing or what? I can't stand it anymore. After my
endioscopy, I want to be free of doctors. This is not to be. All of us have a new
normal. The doctors and tests are part of our lives now. As long as they help us, I
guess it's OK.

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. All my love Maggie

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Hi Miss Maggie,
Whew! I can breath now. I was worried about you but Thank God that everything came back normal and negative. Its always wonderful to hear things like this, it gives me hope! You've had a lot of test done and still one more to go, I will be praying for you that that one goes well too! Take care of yourself and sending you a (((HUGE HUG))).


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Hi Maggie,
I found this website that might help you concerning the endioscopy. www.medicinenet.com/endoscopic_ultrasound/article.htm
I agree with you Maggie for us to be free of doctors and testing is probably not going to be. It's all part of our "new normal" and something we will just have to accept and get use to. It does get old though, but I think we all agree that it's better to be safe than sorry. Well..I have Lizzy today, so I better get off of here. You take care and have a good week...it's already half over! Love you...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

miss maggie
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Hi Liz, Sue, and Donna, and all.

First let me thank Sue for the website. As soon as I sign off, I will be checking site.

I am so sorry for my lengthy post. I think I posted all I went through to make others
aware. This all started with a Pap Test. I hadn't had one for years and years. I finally
went. The Pap Test came back normal. My Gyn doctor suggested a Transvaginal Sono because
of my history of NHL. Well, this test, Transvaginal, showed minor things that escalated into Abdominal Sono, Pelvic Sono, MRI, and another Transvaginal Sono. I can only say, thank God
the test were not invasive, and no radiation. I did have so much radiation when I was in the
hospital for 3 weeks, and the 3 Pet Scans after.

Love you all my friends. Prayers for all of us. Love Maggie

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Soooo glad that all of the tests thus far were fine! Thank God! Boy, this stuff can really take a toll. It sure is a new normal for all of us. The anxiety as we go through these episodes is tough.

But you now have a 6 month reprieve !!! Enjoy!! And remember, we are here to listen, support, and share in the total frustration and all the feelings that come with this.

I don't know about the endiscopy with ultra sound. Praying that comes back negative as well!

Keep us posted!

Love ya,

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