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scan good.Not perfect but good enough:)

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Hi everyone,

I had ct scan as well as pet scan on monday.It has been 6 month since I had suspicious para-aortic lymph nodes show up on ct and pet and cancer in 3 clavicular lymph nodes in my left side of neck.

Ct results : perfect no disease seen anywhere
Pet scan showed small focal area of moderate uptake in the right side of neck (opposite to last time) and both my ovaries are showing some activity...But oncologist seem to think this is due to chemo ect he said he see's this a lot so not worried about that.
Oncologist is very happy that all the the lymph nodes that had cancer last time are now totally gone we are a bit puzzled by the lymph node now showing up on the other side of the neck but oncologist said it is not in a dangerous place so no use worrying about it..If it is cancer and is still there in 6 months and nothing else pops up we will radiate it!!!

So guess I have to be happy with the results. I am currently doing xeloda small dose and avastin plus alternative treatments such as iv vit c and supplements..


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..then I'd take that. :-) Yay for a good result :-)


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Happy to hear good results on your scan. My 6 month scan is coming up in a few weeks so it is always nice to hear good results. Prayers for continued good news on your next scan.

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