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what is happening noww?????

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Ok radiation finished march 2010. My husband has started to randomly urinate blood and clots. Scope showed a bladder cyst they said was from the radiation 2 years ago?? Anybody have this issue ?? Any advice???

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What kind of radiation treatment was received and for what purpose was it administered 2 years ago AND what kind of radiation treatment was administered for PCa in March 2010?

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2009 original gleason 6. After DaVinci paths determined gleason 9. CT found 4CM tumor on pelvic lymph. 38 External beam treaments IMRT . We also tried lupron injections but they were to debilitating and he stopped them. We then continued with clear follow ups. Graduated to 6 month follow up in june 2011. PSA stay below .4. About 4 weeks ago he had a few spots of blood in urine but never said anything. This past friday it was very intense with clots. went to ER they could find nothing and referred us to urology. Scope done today and they said his bladder looked good and a small red spot was probably a cyst left from the radiation and it finally broke free. They said will follow up in june . This still scares us both especially since rad was in 2009. Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Bladder cystitis (wounds) caused by/from radiation treatment for prostate cancer is not rare but it usually heals unnoticed. This is a risk all of us take when choosing the treatment.
The cause is due to improper isodose planning (too much of a dose to bladder areas) or organ movement at time of radiation (typical in SRT done without Image guided help).

Some guys are more sensitive to radiation then others and therefore more susceptive to wounds, but in general medication improves healing. In any event, cases of wounds with continuous infection (chronic), difficult to heal, specialists recommend the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) which reverses the vascular changes induced by the ionizing radiation therefore improving or curing in the long range.

However, HBO is controversial in the presence of active prostate cancer cells. The problem is that cancerous cells need blood supplies to survive and metastasize, and the HBO therapy stimulates angiogenesis (construction of newer blood vessels).In other words, HBO would help the cancer to survive by creating newer ”routes” of feeding.

The impact of angiogenesis in PCa can be read in this link from the National Cancer Institute; It says;
“Cancer researchers studying the conditions necessary for cancer metastasis have discovered that one of the critical events required is the growth of a new network of blood vessels. This process of forming new blood vessels is called angiogenesis.”
Here is an article about the “goodies” of the treatment;

I would recommend you to discuss with your husband’s doctor about certifying firstly if his case is due to chronic radiation cystitis or a simple cystitis.

The best to you both.


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