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erectile dysfunction

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I have a question to post. I'm taking cialis for erectile dysfunction 10 mils . My surgury was Dec 9 started taking every other day on Feb 1 . I see a little firmness but no erection. How long before trying something else or going to a higher amount?
What was the average time before an erection?

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I feel it is way too early for you to be expecting much in the way of an erection with or without pills. Some guys get lucky and acheive erections very soon after the surgery, but for most guys it takes longer. Some more than two years ... and some guys have ED problems for the rest of their lives.

Sounds like your doctor may have started you on low-dose Cialis as part of a Penile Rehab program. If your Dr. hasn't described Penile Rehab, you may want to read Dr. Mulhall's book "Saving Your Sex Life, A guide for Men with Prostate Cancer". You local library probably has it or you can get it from Amazon. You may also consider watching some of Dr. Mulhall's videos:


I think you will be able to get answers to all of your questions in the book and/or the videos.

Good luck and best wishes in you fight against PCa!

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I read about the book and will purchase it. I guess I should be thankful that my cancer was found early and it hasn't spread. I'm thankful that this is the only problem.It would be hard to accept if it doesn't come back.

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Mine was November 10th. Few facts if you went into the surgery with any ED it does not get better. I stared cialis 5 mg 3 days after catheter was out (10 days post op) I did have an erection in my sleep 2 weeks to the day of the surgery. I had some movement and my wife developed a rating scale: Wet sea grass, wilting corn stalk, pine and mahogany. I started using a pump 2 weeks after the surgery. Hint I have been told by many doctors start to have orgasms as soon as possible and keep a log of what is going on down there. I had 3 mahogany erections within 6 weeks post op then stopped for 3 weeks. I stopped ciallis for 2 weeks and then had some soft ones and then started lavitra. I use the pump 2 times a day and have forplay every day with the wife. Stopped Lavitra last week and on Friday had an errections good as before for surgery and was able to have sex. Have woke up 2 of last 4 nights with them and now back on lavitra for a month. You should ask your doctor if nerves were spared and how much they were moved during surgery. It takes time be patient and you can have fun lots of ways do not let it occupy your thoughts. I am 49 and had no issues prior.

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I guess I should let everyone know a little about me. I've seen post that have a record of all the facts.
I don't have the exact but will post as to memory.
I'm 67 after 3 biopsy they found cancer in 2 of the samples took 40 in all . The gleason score was 7 3+4 . I had robotic assisted radical prostatectomy on Dec 9 2011. The doctor said the cancer was contained and only 5% of my prostrate was cancer.Time will tell I don't have any health problems .

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I tried the pills but they make me feel horrible so I quit. It took me probably two years to get back to "normal". My nerves were basically intact. It takes time, dump the guilt and the anxiety to perform. The more you can do that the faster the recover is...at least that's how it was for me. I was 42 at the time of my surgery and am 52 now and blessed to not have any probs...where is some wood to knock on!

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My surgery was 6 yrs ago with Da Vinci, I can have orgasm and really small not too firm erections. Tried the pills tried the pump just no luck.
Everybody has a different story. Good luck.

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