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Anyone see any news from Hilde yet? Still praying for you Hilde! Mary

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Hi Mary,

Thank you so much for your prayers. I was sick again all week. I went to the ER again
on Monday night. My diverticulitis came back, I had it in December
and was in the Hospital for three days. I was put on antibiotics for three days and had IV's around the clock. But I dont think it was healed yet.
So I got it back and am taking antibiotics again.
Tomorrow I see the Oncologist for my scan results but I am sure they are good because I did not hear anything all week about them. No news is good news. Hope you are doing well .
I will post my results tomorrow night. Thank you for asking about me.
much love, Hilde

miss maggie
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Dear Hilde,

Hilde, I am so sorry for your hospitalization. I do remember how much trouble you
have with diverticulitis. Most important, so glad yoo take care of it right away.
This is such a mean DX.

I will look for your post on the results of the Pet Scan.

Love Maggie

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