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scared with new issues

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I am a stage 4 colon cancer patient wtih mets to liver. I was lucky to find new onco/surgeons and had a colon resection and liver zapping on my lesions. I am NED at this point. There a two things though. First, with being NED I am having a hard time accepting and believing after eveything i've been thru since May of 09. I am still on chemo with 2 more big cycles to go and then i will be on weekly maintenance till September. Not bad i would say.
Now comes where i am having issues. In this past week, I started having some pelvic pain on my left side. Not real bad but it comes and goes and its an ache of some sort. I did have som pain before this but can't remember exactly when. Of course, now i am out of my mind with fear that something else has showed up. I do have a call into my onco and waiting for a call back. Does anyone have any ideas or been thru anything like this?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.,


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That's the problem with us, every darn different ache that shows up and hangs around scares the heck out of us. The nice part about it the relief we get when we find out it's a none cancer issue.
I know a couple of us thought bone cancer when our shoulders started to hurt and hurt worse, turned out it wasn't cancer but something that was nicely dealt with by getting cortisone shots. So I'm mentioning that, so that you realize we all get the same fear, so please do not feel alone in that, but also to let you know 90 percent of the time or better it has nothing to do with our cancer.
So call your onc and get an appointment, but I would also suggest getting an appointment with your gyn doctor as well.
Hope this helps a little.
Winter Marie

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to have terrible pain specially in my shoulders but also in my upper leg and pelvic area, it seems it's quite normal!.
( btw I agree with winter, I was one of them)!

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Hugs nice to see you posting wondered how you were, hope your panic attacks etc are under control.

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I went in yesterday for my treatment and saw my onco. I told her what was going on and she felt around my pelvic area and pushed and that and she said she felt nothing. She did send me for a ct scan so now i wait for results. I hate waiting. I feel a little better her saying she didn't feel anything but me being an anxious person that is not good enuf for me.

Also, there is another issue that I was having that Im dealing with also. A couple of weeks ago i was very constipated. Never been like that before. It was awlful. Anyway, i had bleeding. Of course for me, i freaked out cuz that is how my colon cancer came about. Well, we think it's just my hemmroids. I know this is tmi but had hubby take a look and i do have one that is sizable. I have been using some otc stuff with some results. Yesterday, onco put me on a prescribed cream so we'll see.

Im scared my cancer is back and i can't shake it.


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Dear Angie,

I don't blame you for being scared. Who isn't scared. I certainly am even though I try to say I am not. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 rectal cancer so I am not in the same place as you but I couldn't help but think of similar symptoms I had during chemo. I too suffered from severe Hemmeroids and for awhile constipation. When I was constipated it would cause pain on my right side (I swear what I was feeling was the stool in my colon) and it was tender to the touch. I cannot eat bread or pasta without having problems with constipation and sensitivity to that area. The only thing that helps my hemmeroids is soaking in a bath and follow with Aquaphor over the counter cream... nothing else works for me. I have to watch my food intake on certain things ...my hemarroids flare up when I eat tomatoes and other acidic foods. Hope these hints help you. I think our diet plays a great part in what causes us issues in our own bodies.
I wish you the best and keep your chin up...positive prayers and thoughts are coming your way from Minnesotagirl~

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Thank your for comments and hints. I will try to watch what i eat and see if that is any better. I have been crying for over 2 hours today cuz i am so panic and stressed about this. I don't know how i keep the positive stuff to stay in my head.

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Another easy cure is `China fruit' termed Niranjan Phal in Sanskrit.
This is like a beetle nut. When soaked overnight in a cup of water,
it swells. Crush it and squeeze its juice and drink on empty stomach

This has worked for me. Check for it's english name etc on the net.

You will see the effect in 3 days but continue till u get complete relief.

You may continue on other cream applications etc .

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Joined: Nov 2010

I have appt tomorrow with colon surgeon to see what is going on. Got results of my ct scan today from chest, pelivic and abdomen and all is clean. So don't know why i have pelvic pain and the blood in stool issues. Onco said pain in pelvis could be inflamatory. So wish me luck.

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Congratulations on the clean scans. Now prayers for an easy fix for that pesky pelvic pain. Celebrate. Happy Valentines Day.

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