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Osteoporosis and Prunes

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I had a bone density scan 3 or 4 months after finishing chemo, July 201,and bingo! I have osteoporosis in my spinal and osteopenia in my hips and neck. Now, I am in the process of rebuilding bone density through exercises and diet. I just read online, as well as in Reader's Digest magazine, that prunes have been proven to be effective to improve bone density. Of course, I cannot help to think about the amount of sugar prunes have.

I would like to know what you all think about it.
Apparently, to get good results one must eat at least 10 prunes per day.
I just started with 3.

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as determined by bone density testing, prunes will not get the job done. You would need more definitive treatment than this, and it should be done at the direction of someone well versed in global treatment of the problem.

Best regards

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I looked into the mechanism by which dried plums improved bone density in ovary deficient rats. As soon as I read that the dried plums caused an increase in insulin-like growth factor, I figured I should let you know that ANY kind of growth factor is undesirable when you have cancer.

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That is what I thought. I guess the negative over weights the positive.

Thank you!

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Am curious: Had your eroding bone conditions ever been identified before you started treatment--or only afterwards?

In other words, do you suspect these conditions were caused by treatment? Did you have radiation or only chemo? Does osteo run in your family?


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