Stage IV Adenocarcinoma spread to ovary??

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Has anyone heard/experienced NSLC spreading to the ovary? My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV, 8cm tumor in lower right lobe with cancer cells found in fluid around lungs. No mets to brain or bones only 4cm mass found on right ovary. ONC did blood draw Friday at her first treatment to determine tumor marker. ONC stated that if marker was the same as the lung, lung has spread to ovary. If the marker is different than the lung than she will be sent to GYN/ONC.

I have only found one story of lung adenocarcinoma spreading to ovary and that was a rare case.

Anyone experienced this?


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    You might want to try the
    You might want to try the docs at I have never heard of this but it is not unthinkable. Usually lc spreads to the brain or liver first but this is not a hard or fast rule. The lungs supply oxygen for the whole body, all the bodies blood is run through the lungs to distribute oxygen. Theoretically, a cancer cell once picked up by the blood can be deposited anywhere. Please let us know how this turns out.