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I got juiced!

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I'm loving my Omega Vert. :)


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I went to my local CSA Blooming Hill Farm and got fresh organic (not supermarket organic, Florida NY Black Dirt organic) celrey, beets, carrots, broccoli, Hawaiian ginger, 2 kinds of very dark green kale, red leaf lettuce for salad, yellow fingerling potatoes (which are INCREDIBLE for eating, not juicing), and spinach. I made juice for my wife and I then I sometimes have a bit left over which I save or the next day. I know it's better to have it fresh but I don't think one day will kill it (or me)
The juicing is really great, isn't it Gail?

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I have a question, what difference does it make if you consume all the ingredients in a salad vs. juicing. For example, I will typically make a salad that has about six cups of romaine and other dark greens/herbs, with blackberries, strawberries,blueberries,walnuts, broccoli, peppers and tomatoes (whatever else I have to throw in along those lines) - it fills a huge plate a couple inches high and this is for one person. Is the process of juicing better as what you are consuming is the same.

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Kenny H.
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How is it on diarreha. Help or worse?

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I'm very new at this so I'm learning as I go. But if I understand halfway right, by juicing our veggies we are able to get the recomended amount more easily. It's hard for me to eat as much as I can drink it daily. And another thing I think is true for me, is when my system is going through one of its "gonna pass everything through too quickly" modes, I know there isn't the amount of time needed for things to be absorbed. I think juicing is supposed to make it easier on the body to absorb the nutrients instead of working so hard and you get more at one time. (speaking for myself). It's also better than eating them only cooked in that they keep nutrients that the heat destroys. But I think it would be wise to eat and juice, I don't plan to eliminate cooking and eating my veggies. Just adding the juice for the extra benifits. I love eating salads and veggies. So far I don't know if its going to cause a problem with diarrhea. Seems to be ok so far. The taste is well...vegetable. I like that kind of stuff. Before I bought mine, I asked a lot of questions on here, looked at youtube, google, and decided to get the Omega Vert. It was expensive, but I bought it from QVC and they billed me in payments. (no I'm not a QVC fanatic but it sure was handy for this). Another thing about this juicer, it supposedly does not heat up and destroy the nutrients with the process and I think its easy to clean up. I would much rather be rinsing off the 5 parts of this juicer than scrubbing a stuck on casserole dish. lol....I juiced some oranges for my kids and it was AMAZING!! ( oj messes up my tummy, so I just had a sip).

So yes, I love it Phil. I would recommend it to everyone!

Thank you Emily and Lisa! I miss you on here and want you back!


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I read more than I post lately, but I'm here.

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: )

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Glad to hear you are happy with your juicer. We use ours every day. Make double
the amount in the morning and save some in a glass jar for later. We are somewhat
limited on greens that we use, as my husband is taking coumadin for a blood clot in his liver.
Vitamin k is in most greens...a nutrient necessary for blood clotting
Has been taking it for almost 6 months. Will get a CT scan in three weeks, hopefully the clot
will be gone, NED again would be great though. We love carrots, beets,celery and most other
Enjoy - Linda

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Gail, have fun with it, glad you're enjoying it.

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I've read the testimonies for juicing and I've so wanted to try it but I'm worried about diarrhea. I have an ileostomy and have had diarrhea problems for 2 years since my radiation. I take multiple metamucil tablets and imodium everyday even though I'm on a low fibre diet. I can't eat a salad and even cooked veggies come through looking like they went in. (sorry for the grossness!) Regular juice is in the bag within 30 minutes so I mainly just drink water. Also, I take Fragmin injections every day for blood clots so now I'm worried that I wouldn't be able to do greens (which I rarely do now).
So, the big question is: is there any chance I could try juicing without having to take whacks more of metamucil and imodium? Or should I just stick to my bananas and apple sauce?


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I have been juicing from the start and have no longer problems with diarhea. When eating veggies just like Tricia it sometimes just comes out as I eat it.
I start with 2 celery stalks, 2 large or 15 smal carrots, twice a week a small beet,then a granny smith apple. THIS IS THE BASIC for me.

Then I make choices, Spinach gives me the runs,so i use only onces a week, Kale, Brussels Sprouts any thing dark leaves will do. Sometimes I add cranberrties or blueberries, or strawberries, It is so induvidual.
I just love mine and would not part with it.. There are 4 parts to clean and all rinses easy.


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Do you have the omega vert also?

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I'm not a home juicer yet, but I have been experimenting with what I can juice with the tools I have and what is commercially available in my ares as far as fresh-squeezed. I have allergies to so many foods that I haven't mastered tolerating juicing and certain veggies as of yet without side effects.

Recently, when I tried to add kale, it gave me painful hives for more than a day and I will probably never drink or eat it again, although it tasted very good. I also have problems with berries causing hives and edema and have for years. Grapefruit is off limits on chemo right now, even though we have wonderful ones where I live this time of year. Also, my liver resection healing and restructuring gave me a hiatal hernia and I get lots of acid indigestion now and have to avoid tomatoes/tomato juice.

I have been having fresh squeezed orange juice every week at home for awhile, even though that causes mild indigestion due to the hernia now.

I can buy carrot, spinach, beet & kale juice fresh squeezed at the market but now need to avoid the added kale.


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Wow...you do have some added challenges. Good for you for not giving up on it!


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I have a temporary loop ileostomy which I've had for almost three months. I've noticed that fruit juices also run through me quickly. I think it may be because of the sugar content even if it is natural sugars. I have noticed that the juice I make does not run through me as fast. There is usually some natural sugar in it from the carrots and apples but still in less quantity than store bought juices. I'm not sure if there is Vitamin K in parsley but I think it is a yummy green for juicing. It would be nice if you could borrow a juicer from someone to try it out before spending the money in case you do have issues. I understand your being tired of just bananas and applesauce. I hope you can find some way to juice. It just might be a way for you to get some more veggies in your diet.


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Thanks for the recipes. I finished Chemo in April and I still have low white blood counts. During my last port flush and blood tests my White blood count continues to be low and the Chemo NP said I have a compromised immune system. She recommended I take Vitamin B Complex but I decided time to join the juice crowd here to "intake more vegetables and fruits". I also am eating more beans and brown rice in my diet.
Watching the Super Bowl and just had a fruit and vegetable juice with ice that tasted like orange sorbet.

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That's great Gail!!

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