Imetelstat Clinical Trial reaches milestone - Next up NSCLC

Next up NSCLC: Enrollment will be complete for this study before April. If you want to consider this very safe trial time is at hand.

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I mentioned in my previous posts that I would let you know of the progress of the clinical trials.
Geron has announced that the clinical trial for metastatic BC has completed its enrollment goal ahead of schedule. Additional trials are underway for brain mets and NSCLC also.
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From the release:
"This Phase 2 study enrolled in just over a year, ahead of our expectations, attesting to the need for effective treatments for metastatic breast cancer and driven by the interest among clinical investigators for compounds with novel mechanisms of action against new targets," said Stephen M. Kelsey, M.D., Geron's Executive Vice President, Head of R&D and Chief Medical Officer. "We continue to expect to report top-line results from this trial by the end of Q4 2012, provided a sufficient number of progression events have accrued in order to estimate the progression-free survival for patients receiving imetelstat in addition to standard of care. Currently, we believe an improvement of approximately three months in PFS over standard of care, assuming a representative patient population was enrolled, would be consistent with a clinical benefit."

Other clinical trials include can be found at
some of which are
GRN1005 -- metastasis of BC to brain
GRN1005 -- Metastasis of NSCLC to brain
Imetelstat -- NSCLC
Imetelstat -- Brain tumors in young people

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