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new member/open radical nephrectomy/chromophobe

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Hi and happy to join this group,I am Chinese from Malaysia,40 got lovely wife and 6 year child,my story is at 19/12/2011 company call me to hospital doing a full medical checkup and incidently find out got tumour at left side kidney,I didt have any symton, go back to my history is at 30 year old my is 110kg and I starts running keep diet now I become 85kg ,I almost run 10 km 4 time per week,I really cannot imaging I got kidney cancer :-) 2 night cannot sleep and think about cancer after 3 day I decide take out my kidney so at 31/12/2011 I go to Singapore to do open radical nephrectomy for left kidney,I stay 2 day at hospital bed and third day I can walk at hospital and Dr will let me go home at day 4,my recover very fast maybe I take some old Chinese tradition herbal help me,after 10 day I will slow walk for 10k daily,and also starts cycling, at 30 day I start hiking but is slow walk, every think is fine for me but at day 20 I received mail from Dr is histopathology report:-) tumour type:-) rcc,chromophobe I very hard find this tumour info,grade is 2,size :-) 6x5 cm,histologic grade:-) moderately differentiated,pattern growth:-) solid,sarcomatoid growth:-) absent,stromal changes:-) hemorrhage,local invasion:-) confined within the renal capsule,renal vein invasion:-) absent,surgical margin:-) all surgical margin are free of tumour,ureteral margin:-) free of tumour,renal vein:-) free of tumour,soft tissue:-) free of tumour.
Non neoplastic kidney:-) unremarkable,adrenal gland:-) remarkable,lymph nodes:-) not identified (I worry and cannot understand my lymph nodes not identified,and the last is pathologist dr noted:-) tumour shows a solid growth pattern generally, tumuor cell are composed of large polypgonal cells with wrinkled nuclei,perinuclear halos eosinophilic granular cytoplasm,and distinct cytopasmic outlines,there is diffuse cytoplasmic staining with hale"s colloidal iron stain.I got positive thinking to stay with cancer free,,,,,

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Welcome to the club. It appears from your report that you are doing fine. Double check all of the specifics with your doctor. Stay positive. Heres to a Cancer free life from now on.

Best wishes,


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Hi icemantoo,

Yes I will stay positive, now I change my diet to organic and doing more exercise daily base,and from my minset I want win this war,,will update my status when this Tues day I will fly down to Singapore and meet my Dr for fist followup and future plan ,my lymph nodes result is not indentified what mean?


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Hello Keong,
Welcome to our club. Unfortunately, most of us are not able to explain certain parts of the pathology report. They are too technical and we do not understand them. You should make sure your doctor explains what "not identified" means and anything else you do not understand.
Best of luck,

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Not identified means they found nothing bad there where they looked but there could be something which they have not found yet. So far, it is good news that they have not found anything bad in your lymph nodes. We hope it stays that way. Organic diet and daily exercise are very good ideas.

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