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Changes to diet after surgery

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The doc got all the cancer out and at the follow up said live life like it never happened. He said I was doing great and since I was so young had only about a 6% chance of it coming back. I asked if advil was okay, wine, all of it and said yes. Said I didnt need to make any changes. Does everyone get this response? What are some of the changes people have made? I heard Dairy feeds cancer.

Also I am a bit worried that alot of people on here get ct scans every six months and my doc said I only needed a yearly sonogram and ct scan every 5 years. Anyone else have similar follow ups?

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gp, some of us who haven't had the advantages you have (a tiny tumour and youth on your side) need follow-up every few weeks and constant surveillance. You, however, being so young, with a small tumour that has been successfully removed, are in a very different place and your doc. is not talking nonsense. (Presumably you can get more frequent checkups if you think you have need to?) He's probably right that you have very little to worry about and for you, as a worrier, it's wise counsel to say "live life like it never happened".

Diet is very important (and so is exercise). If you have a bad diet now, then change it but if you have a good, balanced diet now then he's right - stick with it and don't get drawn into worrying unnecessarily by reading about diet changes that are right for people in totally different situations from yours. What's right for them isn't necessary for you.

Try to relax and keep things in proportion. My Wife and I are just watching a morning news programme and there's been a forecast for snowfalls in various parts of England - 12cm 15cm etc - I said I can't look at figures like that now without thinking 'Ouch!' and we had a good laugh. It may still be difficult for you to relax and laugh but, as iceman frequently says, it does get easier.

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I would only question the use of Advil, which is ibuprofin. That's one of the NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and I was specifically advised to avoid them. Haven't heard anything negative about dairy. As you get older, and you'll live to a ripe old age, I'm sure, always be wary of diabetes and high blood pressure, both of which are bad for the kidney. My surgery was 18 months ago (Stage 1) and I have not had a CT scan yet -- two chest x-rays and an ultrasound. I expect to have my first in August, when I have my next followup visit. It sounds like your doctor is confident about your future.

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I was also advised to avoid NSAID's since they are filtered by the kidney. Take Tylenol instead.
Otherwise, my doc told me basically the same. Except CT scans every six months. But I am 52, and had a 7.8.cm tumor.
Try to relax and look to the future. It's going to be alright.

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