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Compazine VS Zofran

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I need some expert advice here. Do you take these 2 together? I'm new at this and kinda not sure what to take when. On my 1st week of treatments.

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Maybe they gave you both to see which one works best for you? I didn't have any luck with the Zofran until well after the treatments ended. What worked for me was Compazine and Reglan combined. Experiment, but don't take the two of them at the same time.

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I took Zofran on chemo days and the two days after infusions. Compazine was prescribed as a "back up" in the event the zofran did not control the naseau. Fortunately, I never had to use the compazine.

The first couple of weeks of treatment are definately the hardest. There is just so much information coming at you at one time. It's hard to keep it all straight.

Good luck to you!

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Which chemo are you on? Cisplatin? I have gone through three high dose rounds of carbo/taxol for which they premedicated me with aloxi before transfusion. i was given a prescription for zofran and compazine and was told not to take the zofran for at least 5 days as it works on the same receptors as aloxi and to instead take the compazine if I experienced any breakthrough nausea. After the 5 days I could take the zofran as needed. Never really needed either but one or twice. My next step in the process is low dose cisplatin concurrent with pelvic radiation. For this I was given a prescription for Emend as Cisplatin is supposed to produce more nausea than the carbo/taxol combo, and emend seems to be a stronger anti nausea than the zofran and compazine. I start this whole process is a week and am a bit nervous. In your situation I would probably see if the compazine takes care of the issue and if you are still nauseas then try the zofran. I hope things are going smoothly with your treatment.

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