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Post surgery weirdness

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Hey all,

I'm at the 5 week post surgery point... Feeling pretty good, but my left insides kinda feel like a brick (heavy/weird) every now and then throughout the day. I assume this is just the healing process??? (The doc removed a 3.5 cm mass from my left kidney).

I feel pretty good otherwise. The doc has cleared me to start road biking and swimming -- which I started yesterday (just a light 30 min spin). I was gonna swim (easy) with my masters group tomorrow (saturday). However, the weird feeling have me a bit worried. I know the kidney is gonna take a few more months to heal -- but anyone else notice this sensation post surgery?

Rick in Tempe

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Those pains and sensations are quite normal and to be expected for what you have been through. My surgeon told me to look at it like I had been run over by a big Mack truck.
Whether you realize it or not, you are playing a mind game. These things bothered me for over a year and they can be scary as hell. I just got to where I would tell them, you are not real, you are a phantom for, after all , the cancer didn't hurt. In fact I didn't even know I had it. JUst give it time. This mind game is easy to win, once you see it for what it really is.

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You have just had major abdominal surgery. Your body is adjusting to a new normal.Give ot time and if the pain is really bad thats what doctors are for.


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I suspect at the 5 week mark your "healing ridge" is still quite prominent, and that can account for some of that sensation. I had an open nephrectomy through my right flank last June and it was as close to a pain-free , uneventful surgery as one could imagine. I think that I took 2 or 3 pain pills after going home, and that was mostly for sleep. I have been very active since about the 6 week mark, including going to the gym and walking and playing 18 holes of golf. But, even now I get a periodic heavy or thick sensation through the flank area. It generally passes quickly - I think it is just part of the healing process.

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I really don't have any internal pain: just the feeling like something is tight and stretching inside... I guess I am getting used to the new normal. I guess the kidney has some scar tissue (??) and is still healing after the removal of the tumor.

Otherwise I'm doing well. The doc cleared me for biking and swimming, so i'm back in the pool and on the road bike (for 1 hr workouts)... I should be able to start running in another 8-10 days... I'll take it slow to start.

Thanks again all!


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