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Colonoscopy and a stoma:what's it like?

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Haven't had a colonoscopy since my colostomy (actually,since right before Tx began6/09)and i know i'm overdue and have put it off til ALL my docs got on me so i'm due next Thursday....

I'll be drinking "Suprep Bowel Prep Kit" the night before and the morning of my scope, which i haven't done previously; prior preps were all drunk the night before....

How bad will the runs be? Will i be better off sitting naked in the bathtub and let it come gushing out of bagless stoma or keep bag on till it needs emptying?

More important, whats it like having colonoscopy via stoma instead of rectum?(should be over quicker since less to examine than before--I used to ask for discount on teeth cleaning at dentist as i was missing half my teeth but never gota reduction in price!!)?

I let the surgeon who created my permanently rerouted internal solid waste disposal system into one requiring a temporary,externally affixed replaceable waste receptacle select a gastroenterologist experienced with these and having met and felt comfortable with this doctor, there's no turning back now......

In brief, what should i expect doing my first colonoscopy with a stoma?

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I have had my colonoscopy thru my stoma,and it was actually better.I didn't have to even take my underwear off,just lay on my side,but I had to use two bags for the prep.When one bag filled up,I replaced it,then emptied the first bag,rinsed it out,then switched when that one filled up.I had to switch the bags quickly,or else the waste would come gushing out all over.There was no discomfort,or soreness,but the stoma did shrivel up from lack of fluids.I don't mind the colonoscopy's at all now.Good luck.

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I had asked the gastro how i needed to be positioned and he said on my back--i prefer laying on my side....I also asked if i could keep underwear on as i'll probably piss while knocked out (prostate problems now to contend with.....)Thanks for heads up on possible stoma shriveling.......steve

PS:Question-do you (or anyone else with stoma reading this)do you ever sleep on the side with your stoma? Occasionally i get tired of sleeping on right side so i try to sleep on my left side and i generally end up with blowout.

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Before my surgery when I first came here I asked about how one sleeps with a colostomy because I was usually a stomach sleeper.

One suggestion was to get a body pillow, which I did.

When I lay on my stomach, I put the pillow beside me bend my left leg at the knee and prop it on the pillow. This keeps the presure off the stoma.

I routinely sleep on my left side as well, just don't roll over too far to compromise the bag. Again try the body pillow proping up the right leg this time.

I tried other standard pillows first and they just didn't work. The body pillow is long enough to stay put and not too wide or 'fluffy'.

Marie who loves kitties

steve g
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Had my first after 1 yr. next was last month. Prep for the first was with Go-Lytely and I must have completely filled at least 6 bags that nite. For the last one I had 2 bottles of over the counter stuff and a couple of pills to take, much easier but I did remind the person scheduling that I had a colostomy. As for the procedure, I had to lay on my back and yes remove the underware. I asked why and was told to prevent Dr. from spilling anything on them. Since the operation I have slept on my right side and don't move around much, prior to it, I tore the bed up tossing around. Only pulled the bag off twice, both times playing with my Yorkie, learned not to hide his favorite toy under the sheets. Another casuality of cancer is my wife, after 30 yrs. started sleeping in another bedroom, says I snore but didn't happen until the treatments started. Glad all is well with you and best of health....Steve

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