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stage 3 cancer and SS disability

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I was diagnosed stage 3 and I applied for temporary disability when I realized I would be having 18 rounds of chemo and would not be working all of 2010. After 9 months they agreed that I was disabled but thought I would be better in a year. Had to get a lawyer and now after two year I have a hearing next week.

Since chemo I have neuropathy, insomia, depression, atrial septial anuerism, fatique. I tried doing a temp 40hour job and after a couple of weeks had to stop. Couldn't handle it. I do feel that I am slowing getting better and have no plans on drawing disability forever.

Has anyone been able to get disability and not been stage 4?

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Sorry to here about your troubles with Social Security,Vicki. I don't even know what "atrial septial anuerism" is,but with all that you still want to work? Good for you!!!! Unfortunately, I had to take S.S. disability and quit working after my cancer went to my bones(Stage 4 and all).

I wish you all the best in your fight with Social Security and with this "beast".

Cyber (((HUGS)))

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It is a bulge in the wall that separates the upper chambers of the heart. Cardiologist said it wasn't bad enough to do anything with i.e. surgery. Told me to take a low dose aspirin daily and not do anything that gives me chest pains. I had always been a fast walker so I had to learn to walk slowly. No going up inclines, mowing the yard or anything that causes exertion.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I was approve, d at stage III, but I used an attorney to file the original application. (Recommended by the HR dept at work) Also my dx is IBC and I think SS has special rules for IBC because the stats on that are so grim.

I hope all goes well with your hearing. Please let us know what happens.



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My docs asked at some point after the rads (38 rounds)if I was ok working since I had stopped a few weeks earlier for other reasons. I said I would never want to work again and the SSD came through right away with me hardly finishing the paperwork. I feel so fortunate because you hear such struggles with this, but the hospital did keep asking me if I needed help to get approval, so you might check there to see if they can expedite it. Though, I suspect, the one who made the decision in my case must have been my doc's sister or something!

Good luck!

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Wish I had went to your hospital! Mine has not been the least bit helpful.

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i too was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in April 2011. Have had chemo and radiotherapy and now on letrozole. The financial side of having cancer is horrendous and after many letters and form filling i have been given disability living allowance till June 2013. A great help for me as i had to give up my job.

New Flower
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Good news that you have been in remission. Being stage III myself i understand that a lot depend on what your doctors have been stated about your current conditions. I also was told that if you have statements from more than one specialist your chances of getting it will increase. Hopefully you have a supportive team who is advocating in your behalf.
Good Luck with hearing

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