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aml with flt3 marker

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diagnosed wih aml with flt3 marker in june 2011. had 2 rounds of induction and then another round before dual unit cord blood transplant in august. hoping to meet other ducbt survivors.

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My sister is about 6 months post transplant with double cord blood.   She had AML, inversion 3.   


Douglas Berger
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I am looking for a survivor who has the FLT3 gene mutation.  My friend has been diagnosed with this condition and asked me to locate a survivor who can give him hope.

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Hi.  I don't come to this site very often but just so happened to come across your post today.  I had the FLT3 mutation and am still in remission 30 months post transplant.  It's a tough complication, the trick is to keep the leukemia from coming back so you can go to transplant in a solid remission.  I didn't have any inhibitors but there are some very effective drugs that suppress the FLT3.  A stem cell transplant is almost always recommended.  Good luck.


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My name is Megan and I am a survivor of AML with the FLT3 mutation! I have been through A LOT but have been cancer-free for over a year now :) I'm 19 years old if that makes any difference...

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My 18yr old son is currently battling Leukemia. His diagnosis is AML M2 with FLT3-ITD-TKD (yes, he has TWO FLT3 mutations) and NPM1 with normal cytogenetics. He has a 90% chance of relapse with chemo alone, and he has been referred to another hospital for an allogenic transplant. Don't know yet it if it will be BMT or SCT. He is currently in remission after induction and has had his first round of consolidation. So far, chemo hasn't been too bad. I feel like I'm constantly waiting for the shoe to drop!!

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i was dianoosed with aml leukemia with flt 3 mutation in septemer 2016.I was imediatly admitted to local hosptial for induction. chemo. I stayed in the hospital from september2016 to october2016.I am still in remission since late october2016. I have had 2 rounds of cosildation(november and decemeber2016) to prepare for a possible bone marrow transplant.I have to find out if the hospital will take me as a patient then find a match. My questions are :           when did you paint your nails/wear jewelry( i was told you have to wait a time period before painting nails)

Does it ever get easier/slow down?                How do you cope with it on a daily basis?             Did you ever feel "normal" again? (I had to quit college a semester before graduating)..... Any other helpful info will be gretaly appepricated....

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