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I posted Abby's essay.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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For those of you who asked to read the essay Abby wrote, it is now posted on my expressions page as a story.



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Your daughter is one fantastic young woman. So much more insightful than most with so many more years and understanding of life far beyond her years.

You are blessed but then you the one who are gave her the example to follow - be who she is and in the future to pass it on as you have done AND.will continue to.

Give her another big hug.


RE's picture
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Thank you Linda, I read it in the early morning hours! I can certainly see why you are so proud of her what a gem she is!



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Loved it!

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Linda, I just loved her essay--it was so refreshingly honest and insightful. You must be so proud!

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What a smart, beyond her years, young lady! But as I said before...she has a wonderful role model!

Hugs, Nancy

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She is the future generation, you've done an excellent job Mom~
I commented on ur expressions page . She has had a lot to deal with along with the rest of your family.
Be well.


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Abby is amazing, just like her mom! I still have tears in my eyes from reading it.

Please tell her how much her essay meant to all of us.

Hugs, Debi

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Double Whammy
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to have such an insightful and loving daughter. I read her essay and you made me cry again. . .


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Bella Luna
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Joined: Aug 2009

Linda you raised an amazing daughter. Congratulations Mama!

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Joined: Nov 2011

What a sweet and insightful young lady. Obviously had a good mentor.

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I enjoyed reading it. And there was an emotion in every sentence she wrote. God bless her.

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Linda, I have friends and family members (I think every one of us here does) decades older than Abby who have nowhere near Abby's honesty, maturity, and ability to articulate their feelings.

Children learn and absorb more from their parents than we realize -- it's perfectly clear to me that she learned how to be such a beautiful, mature young woman from you.


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