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prayer is the best treatment

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Dear Cancer Friends:
Please pray for me and all cancer patients that there may soon be a cure for this nightmare disease. I have Leiomyosarcoma. Uterine cancer that mets to lung. Taken out of lung now waiting. Taking Arimidex.
Becky H.

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Will keep you in my prayers my friend, Just have faith and believe that all things are possible.

God bless and be with you


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I do pray everyday for all of us here on the boards. I agree with Hondo, all things are possible. Keep the faith!



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Becky, I am so sorry that you are going through all of this, none of it is easy. I do pray that your load will be lightened, God willing.

There is a prayer in the Koran where two lines that are repeated one after the other for emphasis and translates to 'With hardship comes ease, with hardship comes ease' or 'With every difficulty there is relief, with every difficulty there is relief'. This comes with the prayer translated to 'Solace/Consolation/Relief'. In the most trying of moments I find myself repeating just these two lines.

may you find peace

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Praying God will give you a good outcome and relieve all your suffering

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