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which one predominent

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I am getting closer to follow up but more questions develop. I am know wondering if the kidney cancer is related to the cancer of the prostate or Vice Versa? Can they both be seperate or are they linked? I will try to get my head straight before I see the doc in two weeks.

Just for info I was dx in Oct with the kidney.Testing also showed the prostate.Prostate surgery was on Dec 5 the day that originally was set for kidney. In two weeks I do my first post prostate testing and talk of schedule for kidney.
I enjoy the support and information I receive here.

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I think if they were related then one would be considered as primary and be so noted in your records. In other words if the kidney cancer were caused by a met from the prostate it would still be prostate cancer on the pathology report. My guess is that since they have not been lumped together they are most likely separate.

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My urologist who did my RCC surgery also checks my Prostate each year (with the famous urologist handshake) because of my age and the fact that my brother and father both had Prostate Cancer. He advised when I asked him that Kidney Cancer and Prostate Cancer are not related.

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