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A rose by any other name?

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All this time I was under the impression that I have "ANAL cancer" plain and simple....but my clinical reports from MDA read "squamash cell carcinoma of the rectum" being staged and treated as Anal cancer. Upon surfing the Internet I discover that this is very real but VERY rare! Anyone else heard of it?

Well, whatever they call it, I have been blessed (?) with the chemo/radiation treatment and a few uncomfortable side effects. As it has been said, arose is a rose by any name........ And the treatment seems to be working! Tumor down from tennis ball to the size of the end of my finger and could be scar tissue!!!!! Yeah!!

Maybe I wasn't hearing well at my initial consultation? LOL! Sure good to be home...

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When I was first diagnosed I was told it was 'Squamous cell carcinoma'...not anal cancer. I wondered 'how do you get skin cancer down there?'! Then further research said what it really meant. I think when we first hear 'cancer' we're in shock & tune out alot! haha
Happy to hear things are going well for you. I'll continue to pray for good health & healing for you.

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Is this because your tumor begins in the anal canal but has grown up into your rectum? I've heard of this happening before. You may want to get a clarification on this. If have found that medical professionals sometimes misuse the terms "anal" and "rectal." I usually have to correct the radiology techs when I go for a scan, as they always say "now you've had rectal cancer, right?" No, wrong!

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The biopsy reads squamous cell rectal cancer .. As do the clinical reports .. And describes fungating vascular mass 4 cm from the anal opening..

I do have an e-mail out to the docs.... I don't really know that it REALLY matters what flavor, but I just want to know. Last appt I was told to take my Ativan. LOL! Thanks for telling me that the two names are often wrongly interchanged!

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Hello, the great news is you have had wonderful results from the tx. I know the anal canal is about 4cms long. I wish you continued success with your tx. Lori

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Lorikat...good old ativan...love the stuff. ha. I remember when I heard the diagnosis and saw the CAT the tumor was in my anal canal inching its way up to the rectum. So I asked the oncologist if it was rectal cancer and he literally yelled NO! it's anal cancer! (perhaps in retrospect I should have told him to take an ativan). I am grateful like everyone here that the treatment appears to be working for me as I am now 18 months post treatment. Last scan and rectal ultrasound were clear except for some rad damage. Next visit to all docs will be in March but no scheduled ultrasound or CT scan for 6 months. While I am thankful for these I will probably always be a little apprehensive before scans or if issues come up or I feel a twinge or twang here and there...nature of the beast I guess and I see that more often than not in these posts, people echoing the same feelings. Once again, I am thankful for these forums and the individuals within. Hugs to everyone, Marilyne

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